4th URSI Atlantic Radio Science Meeting

Young Scientist Award

Apply for the URSI Young Scientists Program
to learn more about the URSI Young Scientists Program, please click here

Rules and Guidelines

A limited number of awards are available to assist young scientists from both developed and
developing countries to attend the AT-RASC 2024.

To qualify for an award the applicant:

  1. must be less than 35 years old on September 1 of the year of the AT-RASC conference;
  2. should have a paper, of which he or she is the principal author, submitted and accepted for oral or poster presentation at a regular session of AT-RASC 2024.

Applicants should also be interested in promoting contacts between developed and developing countries.

Applicants from all over the world are welcome, also from regions that do not (yet) belong to URSI. All successful applicants are expected to participate fully in the scientific activities of AT-RASC 2024. They will receive free registration, and financial support for board and lodging at AT-RASC 2024. Limited funds will also be available as a contribution to the travel costs of young scientists from developing countries.

All Young Scientist applicants must submit a Summary Paper (2 to 4 pages) meeting the requirements of the Summary Paper Template, together with a CV and a list of publications in PDF format. The Summary Papers will be submitted to IEEE Xplore unless the author opts out.

The application should be made electronically using the same Web site used for the submission of abstracts/papers. The deadline for paper submission for AT-RASC 2024 is January 20th, 2024.

All Young Scientists must submit their paper(s) and this application together with a CV and a list of publications in PDF format to the paper-submission Web site.

Submissions must use the following file naming convention, where “Lastnameauthor” text is replaced by the student’s surname and “Firstnameauthor” text is replaced by the student’s first name:

  • YSASummaryLastnameauthorFirstnameauthor.pdf
  • YSACVLastnameauthorFirstnameauthor.pdf
  • YSAPubListLastnameauthorFirstnameauthor.pdf

Applications will be assessed by the URSI Young Scientist Committee taking account, amongst other factors, the technical evaluation of the abstract by the relevant URSI Commission. Awards will be announced on 15 March 2024 on the URSI Web site.

For more information about URSI, AT-RASC 2024, and the activities of URSI Commissions, please look at the URSI Web site at: or the AT-RASC 2024 Web site at


Separate and independent from this Young Scientists Program, a Student Paper Competition will be organised as well. See here for more information. Those who are eligible and interested to apply for the Student Paper Competition may do so by ticking the appropriate box during the paper submission process.