AT-AP-RASC 2022 Programme

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This is a free lecture, open to the general public. The link for online participation will beprovided in due time.

Wednesday June 1, 2022


Author: Peter-Paul Verbeek,

University of Twente, the Netherlands








Monday 30 May 2022


Author: Craig Kletzing

University of Iowa, USA







Tuesday 31 May 2022


Author: Ari Sihvola

Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering, Finland







Wednesday 01 June 2022


Authors: Paolo Rocca

University of Trento, Italy







Thursday 02 June 2022


Author: Albin Gasiewski

University of Colorado, Boulder, USA







Friday 03 June 2022


Author: Koichi Ito

Chiba University, Japan









The ECR-turorials are 4 lectures which will be scheduled in a late afternoon-slot and which aim at providing young researchers with an introduction in 1 of the research areas in which URSI is involved. The presenters will be the ECR (Early Career Representatives) in the respective Commissions


  • Demystifying Machine Learning for EMC and SI/PI Applications
    Riccardo Trinchero, Politecnico di Torino (Italy) 

  • Metrology, Timekeeping & Navigation
    Giovanna Signorile, INRIM (Italy)

  • Tomographic Techniques Applied to Space-based Ionosphere Measurements
    Bruce Fritz, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (USA)


AT-AP-RASC 2022 WORKSHOPS & Co-located conferences


“Women in Radio Science - Life and scientific achievements of Jocelyn Bell-Burnell”
(Open to all)

Organizer: Patricia Doherty
Monday May 30, 17h00 - 18h00, followed by the Welcome Reception







  • “Wireless Power Transfer Technologies and Applications” (Open to all)
    Organizers: N. Shinohara ( &
    A. Georgiadis (

    Monday May 30, 08h30 - 17h00

    Abstract: New commercial market of a weak power wireless power transfer (WPT) is expanded recently, e.g. Inductive wireless charger for a mobile phone, IoT sensors by energy harvesting, Implant devices driven by microwaves, etc. Discussion for new radio regulation for the weak power WPT is very hot. The WPT is considered as a game changing technology and is expected in the world. However, the weak power WPT is the first step. As the next step, people expect more power wirelessly to charge a mobile phone firster, to charge an electric vehicle, to fly a drone by microwave/millimeter waves, etc. In this workshop, we focus on the high power WPT technology. It involves wideband gap semiconductor, high efficiency circuit, vacuum tube, system and applications. We can realize IoT (Internet-Of-Thing) and IoE (Internet-Of-Energy) society with the high power WPT in near future.