4th URSI Atlantic Radio Science Meeting

Call for Papers

Call for Papers


Call for Papers
4th URSI Atlantic Radio Science Conference (URSI AT-RASC)
May 19 - 24, 2024
ExpoMeloneras Convention Centre, Gran Canaria

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The triennial URSI Atlantic Radio Science Conference (URSI AT-RASC) is one of the URSI flagship conferences besides the URSI General Assembly and Scientific Symposium and the AP-RASC conference (Asia-Pacific Radio Science Conference).

This 4th URSI AT-RASC will have a series of convened and open sessions within the domains covered by all ten Commissions of URSI:



Commission A:
Commission B:
Commission C:
Commission D:
Commission E:
Commission F:
Commission G:
Commission H:
Commission J:
Commission K:
Electromagnetic Metrology
Fields and Waves
Radiocommunication and Signal Processing Systems
Electronics and Photonics
Electromagnetic Environment and Interference
Wave Propagation and Remote Sensing
Ionospheric Radio and Propagation
Waves in Plasmas
Radio Astronomy
Electromagnetics in Biology and Medicine
Important deadlines  
Paper submission January 20th, 2024  
Notification February 28th, 2024
Early bird registration March 30th, 2024  
Author registration March 30th, 2024 (required to have paper included in the programme)
Conference start May 19th, 2024
Paper submission Deadline: January 20th, 2024  
  Authors must submit either an Extended Abstract (minimum 250 words, maximum one page) or a Summary Paper (minimum two pages, maximum four pages) electronically by January 20th, 2024. Each registered author may present no more than two papers. Organizers of special sessions should send a request to the appropriate commission Chair(s) by October 18th, 2023 - details are found on the URSI website. Detailed information on Paper Submission as well as Travel Information will become available through the URSI website: in fall 2023. Summary Papers presented at this 4th URSI AT-RASC will be submitted for posting to IEEE Xplore, if the author does not opt out. In addition, there will be special programs for young scientists, a student paper competition and a program for accompanying persons.



Topical Areas

Contributed papers are solicited in following topical areas:


Commission A: Electromagnetic Metrology

All topics related to electromagnetic metrology. The topics would include, but not limited to, the following. Antenna and propagation measurement techniques including measurements in telecommunications and advanced communication systems, metrological analysis and characterization of material properties, measurements in intelligent IoT system, electrical and electromagnetic Metrology including Quantum Standards, Metrology of Electromagnetic Sensors, Applications of Metrology in diverse areas including Medical diagnostics, Bio-sensing, Agriculture, Smart Cities etc., Calibration, Traceability, and Inter Comparisons of Instruments and Measurements, Microwave and Optical Frequency Standards, Realization and Dissemination of Time Scales and Standard Frequencies, Time and Frequency Metrology, Phase Noise and Frequency Synthesis, Time & Frequency Transfer Techniques and Precision Geolocation, Low-Cost GNSS Modules for Timing Applications, Training, management, and Prospects in Metrology, Methods and novel technologies for absorbed/epithelial power density assessment.



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Commission B: Fields and Waves Antenna arrays

Antenna arrays, Antennas: recent advances and future outlook, Antenna theory, design and measurements, Cognitive radio, Complex media (bandgap structures, biological and geophysical media, metamaterials, and others), Educational methods and tools, Electromagnetic interaction and coupling, Guided waves and waveguiding structures, High-frequency techniques, Imaging, inverse scattering and remote sensing, Mathematical modeling of electromagnetic problems, Microstrip antennas and printed devices, Multiphysics electromagnetics, Nanoscale electromagnetics, Nonlinear electromagnetics , Numerical methods (differential- and integral-equation based, hybrid and other techniques), Optical phenomena, Optimization techniques in electromagnetics, Propagation phenomena and effects, Rough surfaces and random media, Scattering and diffraction, Theoretical electromagnetics, THz antennas and propagation, Transient fields, effects, and systems, Ultra-wideband electromagnetics , Wireless communications and other topics of interest.  

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Commission C: Radiocommunication Systems and Signal Processing

Cognitive radio and software defined radio, Distributed sensor networks and sensors array processing, Energy-efficient (“green”) communications, Information theory, coding, modulation and detection, MIMO and MISO systems, Novel radio communication systems, Physics-based signal processing, Radar target detection, localization, and tracking, Radio localization and positioning, Signal and image processing, Spectrum and medium utilization, Statistical signal processing of waves in random media, Synthetic aperture and space-time processing, Wireless networking and other topics of interest.  

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Commission D: Electronics and Photonics

Broadband ubiquitous network, Energy harvesting in wireless systems, Fiber lasers and solid state lasers, Graphene nanoelectronics applications, Multi-physics modeling in radio frequency nanoelectronics, Optical sensors and biosensors, Plasmonics, RF MEMS and NEMS, Signal processing antennas, 60 GHz electronics, Trends in RFID for identification and sensing, Trends in THz communications and other topics of interest.  

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Commission E: Electromagnetic Environment and Interference

Communication in the presence of noise, Crosstalk, Electromagnetic compatibility education, Electromagnetic compatibility measurements and standards, Electromagnetic noise of natural origin, Electromagnetic radiation hazards, High-power effects of transients on electronic systems, Spectrum management and utilization and other topics of interest  

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Commission F: Wave Propagation and Remote Sensing

Propagation measurements/models for fixed and mobile links, Measurements of fixed and mobile channels, Propagation models, Multipath/mitigation, Fixed terrestrial links: measurements and design strategies, Surface/atmosphere interaction, Dispersion/delay, Effects of natural/man-made structures, Outdoor to indoor propagation,  Multi link MIMO channels, UWB channel characteristics,  Small cell propagation, Remote sensing of the Earth/planets by radio waves, Passive sensing at millimeter wavelengths, Interferometry and SAR, Sensing of snow in open and forested environments, Remote sensing of precipitation, Atmospheric sensing, Sensing of soil moisture and biomass, Ocean and ice sensing, Urban environments, Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), Underground imaging, Propagation and remote sensing in complex and random media and other topics of interest  

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Commission G: Ionospheric Radio and Propagation

Ionospheric imaging, Ionospheric morphology, Ionospheric modeling and data assimilation , Radar and radio techniques for ionospheric diagnostics, Space weather – radio effects, Transionospheric radio propagation and systems effects and other topics of interest.  

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Commission H: Waves in Plasma

Chaos and turbulence in plasma, Plasma instabilities and wave propagation, Spacecraft-plasma interactions, Solar/planetary plasma interactions, Wave-wave and wave-particle interactions, Waves in laboratory plasmas and other topics of interest.  

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Commission J: Radio Astronomy

Detection of short-duration transients, Developments in array technology for radio astronomy, New telescopes, techniques, and observations, Radio frequency interference mitigation and spectrum usage, SKA, Timely technical tutorials and other topics of interest  

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Commission K: Electromagnetics in Biology and Medicine

Biological effects, Dosimetry and exposure assessment, Electromagnetic imaging and sensing applications, Human body interactions with antennas and other electromagnetic devices, Therapeutic, rehabilitative, and other biomedical applications and other topics of interest